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Nourished Hair, Naturally!

Nourished Hair, Naturally!


The FORMULA nourishes and protects the hair from from humidity and heat.  It is a revolutionary, natural, multicultural, anti-frizz, heat-styling, hair conditioner. 

The FORMULA (a "leavin" conditioning heat styler) works by softening and nourishing, your hair, then protecting your hair from heat and humidity.  With The FORMULA, your hair gets softer and healthier with continued use, not drier and damaged.

The FORMULA is a proprietary blend of amino and fatty acids, essential oils, vitamins A, C, E, and D. It contains no silicons, parabens, nut oils, or chemicals. 

There are no chemicals used in the FORMULA. This product is 100% Natural, and safe to use on chemically treated and natural hair. 

Healthy Hair 101

Healthy Hair 101

Our philosophy is grounded in the holistic approach to living. We believe that 
nature and nutrition hold the keys to beauty, health, and vibrant longevity. Our 
products reflect that approach. We will market to our customers only products we believe to be best for them and products that support a simple, healthy  lifestyle.
Hair Structure
Let's take a look at a few hair facts typical of the average person.  Your hair grows about  half an inch per month, and you typically loose  50 to 100 strands per day. Once a follicle on your scalp pushes a hair out, a new one is should to form in its place.  If your diet lacks  adequate fatty acids, this could  threaten the proper functioning of your hair follicles. This can result in hair loss. Fatty acids can also be great  anti-inflammatory agents, and also reduce inflammation that can contribute to hair loss.

A healthy, hydrated scalp is fundamental to hair growth — and consuming 
sufficient nutrients is key to a healthy, hydrated scalp. Make sure to add to your 
daily routine— it’s a key component of healthy, shiny hair!

Fatty acids are one of the key components we use in developing TheFORMULA!
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