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Can The Formula-Heat Styler ™ be used on relaxed or “permed” hair?

Absolutely. The Formula-Heat Styler ™ can be safely used on relaxed or permed hair. After the the relaxer has been applied, neutralized, and rinsed, then apply the Formula-Heat Styler ™. Dry the hair with heat, or air dry, and style with your heat appliance.  The Formula-Heat Styler ™ can also be used to transition from relaxers to naturally heat-styled hair.

I live outside of the U.S. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is price is determined per size of the bottle purchased. The destination does not affect the shipping cost. The shipping and handling cost for 1 bottle of The FORMULA is $6.00 USD for the 1 oz and 3 oz size. The price is $9 for the 8 oz bottle.

How long does a bottle of The FORMULA last?

The average user of The Formula-Heat Styler ™ typically replaces a 3 oz. bottle once every two months. Thick, long, or coarse hair will typically require more of the product.

Is The Formula-Heat Styler ™ a natural product?

Yes. The Formula-Heat Styler ™ is made of 100% ingredients, that are very healthy for your hair and skin!

Is The Formula greasy?

Not at all.  Comb the product through your  damp hair, making sure to work it to the ends. because The Formula-Heat Styler ™ is highly concentrated, you only need to spray a small amount on your hair. Typically, 4-6 sprays should be sufficient.