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Holiday Hair Part I

Holiday Hair Part I

Holiday tunes are in the air, and so are holiday parties.  This year, your hair can be your most beautiful accessory yet!

Sure, make a statement with that little red dress and sparkling earrings, but wow them with your luxurious hair.


The FORMULA Heat Styler takes frizzy, heat-damaged hair and turns it into touchable, cascading curls or elegantly straight tresses—your choice!

Made with a special blend of essential oils, vitamins, amino & fatty acids, The FORMULA defends and strengthens hair while promoting growth.

Go from curly to straight hair, depending on your holiday mood—The FORMULA has got you covered!

The FORMULA is compatible with all hair types, no matter what your ethnicity. 

Just wash hair as usual, spritz on The FORMULA, blow or air-dry, style as usual, and go!

You’ll love your locks, and your friends will take notice!

Don’t leave for the party without it!


Tips for Holiday Hair Care:

Stay Hydrated. 

Winter cold.  Forced heat.  These are two moisturizing zappers that can dry out your hair as well as your skin.  Enjoy that hot cocoa, but be sure to get plenty of water as well.

Get Moisturized

The FORMULA is an all-natural, non-greasy hair protectant.  It coats each strand to guard against heat damage, frizz, and distress by locking in moisture that is

often absent during cold winter months.


If things get too dry at home, try a humidifier.  Your skin, sinuses, as well as your hair will thank you. 

Short Showers

Obviously, a warm shower feels wonderful when it’s cold.  Keep showers short and not quite as hot.  Hot water can wreak havoc on your hair and skin.


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