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theFORMULA Natural Hair

theFORMULA Natural Hair

theFORMULA Natural Hair


The Perfect Hair Day

The FORMULA Natural Hair ™ is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is formulated to be an all natural everyday hair serum and helps to nourish hair while protecting it.

This leave in conditioning treatment protects hair against the damage caused by styling, and humidity while facilitating hair growth. The FORMULA Natural Hair™ helps hair maintain a soft, touchable feel while making detangling a breeze.

Additional benefits: 

  • Prolongs straight styles during humid weather
  • Naturally detangles hair
  • Significantly cuts drying time
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten Free
  • Zero animal testing
  • Safe to use on chemically treated hair
  • Safe to use on human hair protective styles including wigs, weaves, and extensions
  • Conditions and seals to protect each strand at the molecular level
  • Maintains your straight style until your next shampoo
  • Great for your transition from permed to naturally
    heat-styled hair


• The FORMULA Natural Hair™ is a proprietary blend (Trade Secret) of essential oils fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and vitamins balanced to make your hair look and feel its best while detangling your hair.

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