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We believe that nature provides us with most of what we need to be healthy and beautiful. SageProducts combines the best of nature and science to bring you a product that will change the way you feel about your hair. We also believe in being good stewards of the planet: PLEASE RE-CYCLE.

* Professionals stylists, with current cosmetology licenses can get professional discounts for 8-oz. bottles by filling our website (www.theformula-heatstyler.com). Contact Preston Foster at Preston.com (1-256-323-3689) for orders or more information.

* Distributors can buy cases (24 bottles) of 3 or 8 ounce bottles of The Formula-Heat Styler at wholesale prices by signing a Distributor Agreement, then ordering. Contact Preston Foster at preston@sageproductsus.com or calling 1-256-509-1314.