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Protect Your Hair from Daily Heat Styling

Protect Your Hair from Daily Heat Styling

Heat styling can give you a gorgeous hairdo, but it can also damage your hair. Here are some techniques you can use to protect your hair from damage:

Set the Right Temperature – When curling or straightening your hair, be sure you’re not cranking to heat up too high. For fine, thin hair, try to stay under 200 degrees. For thick, coarse hair, try to keep your styling tools set between 200 and 300 degrees. Unless of course, you’re using The Formula Heat Styler, which can allow you to style at higher temperatures without damaging your hair.

One and Done – When heat styling your hair it is vital not to overdo it. Don’t repeatedly style the same section of hair over and over. While you may think you’re setting the style more securely, you may be frying your hair.

Limit Frequency – Monitor how often you style your hair using heat and try to limit the frequency. Even if you are cautious when heat styling you may still damage your hair if you are curling or straightening too frequently. With The Formula, your hair can withstand daily heatstyling while remaining totally protected.

Use a Hair Mask – Use a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment once a week to moisturize your hair after repeated styling. Be sure to use a good conditioner when you shampoo your hair as well.

Use a Good Natural Heat Protectant – Before you pick up that styling wand, it is essential to spray your hair down with an excellent natural heat protectant like The Formula Heat Styler. Our proprietary blend of 100% natural ingredients protects your hair from heat damage and humidity. Our formula allows you to maintain your style between shampoos with confidence.