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Moisture Retention for Low Porosity Hair

Moisture Retention for Low Porosity Hair

Hydration is the key to that glossy, luxurious hair that only celebrities seem to have.

....Until now!

The FORMULA Heat Styler gives you shiny and super-soft hair without harsh silicones, parabens, nut oils, or chemicals.

It’s 100% natural!

If you have frizzy hair, chances are high that you have low porosity, which describes your hair cuticle’s ability to retain moisture.

Don’t know whether or not your hair has low porosity?

Here’s an easy test:

  1. Lay a strand of clean hair in a cup of water. (Dirty hair or hair weighed down with styling products can change the test results.)
  2. Observe whether your hair sinks or floats after a few minutes.

The degree to whether your hair sinks or floats indicates its porosity.  (High porosity hair sinks immediately.  Low porosity hair floats for the first few minutes.  Normal porosity descends to the midway point.  Hair can fall along the spectrum of high to low porosity.)

If low porosity is your problem, The FORMULA Heat Styler is the perfect solution!

The FORMULA Heat Styler penetrates deep within each hair follicle, moisturizing from the inside out.  It’s secret blend of amino and fatty acids, essential oils, and vitamins work together to protect your hair against heat damage and humidity.

No matter your ethnicity or the texture of your hair, you’re left with a non-greasy

healthy glow and shine


The FORMULA Heat Styler is Power in your palm!  Delightful citrus-y smell.  A quick spritz, and you’re done!  Even the kinkiest curls will go straight without damaging your hair.  And forget humidity—The FORMULA Heat Styler defends your locks against those days when you can’t control the weather.  Whether drizzling rain or horrifically hot, The FORMULA Heat Styler will fight the frizz.


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